Part of NYC Book Debut

Teaser chapters of my book have made it to New York!So a few months ago, I contacted another author who had a book debut in New York. She was offering to take other authors' work to the debut and set up their work teaser chapters on her table at the premier. I contacted her, and… Continue reading Part of NYC Book Debut

Beta Readers Wanted

In anticipation of my book's release next year I am currently accepting beta readers. Should you desire to be a beta reader simply head to the home page at Adian Trine and find the link button titled Beta Readers on the top right of the website or you may simply follow this Direct Link to… Continue reading Beta Readers Wanted

Chapter 11 Snippet

The aquifer dried up long ago, or at least the 6 mile portion has that once fed Potter's Springs, and it has been dry for decades. Sure, now and then Jackson and his friends have to find another way to pass the time due to some water activity in the caves which makes it too… Continue reading Chapter 11 Snippet

Song Mentioned In The Book

When the book is published, you will come upon a song mentioned. In an attempt to bring this to life, I submit that song here. It is one of my original compositions. The song is copyrighted and I, as its creator have full reservation of rights to it. This is from my Del.All.Ctrl. music project.… Continue reading Song Mentioned In The Book

Chapter 14 Snippet

“Young Hayden, everything has a life force in it, you, the trees, even the moss which grows in the trees which one may consider dead, but everything you have or will ever see has a life force.” When Sloan finishes his brief explanation, they are facing a stone wall, almost identical to the one in… Continue reading Chapter 14 Snippet

The Almost Never Ending Story

From first draft to publishing, whether traditional or self, there is so much effort, energy and work that goes into a book. I would have never guessed it. I, like many aspiring authors thought, "I write a book and Bam!, I'm done, time to sit back and collect royalties." Boy was I wrong there are… Continue reading The Almost Never Ending Story

Chapter 12 Snippet

#Chapter Twelve Sitting cross-legged on the chamber floor, student and teacher face each other. Sloan touches Hayden between the eyes. Hayden instantly falls asleep and dreams of the lesson he has just received. In his dream, he can see the connections between the mundane happenings of life as well as how this mundane happenings link… Continue reading Chapter 12 Snippet

Exciting Time

As an author that has made the decision to take his writing serious. I have been interacting with different social media outlets. It is through these interactions that I have the opportunity to submit 3 chapters of my current book, still in the edit process, to a fellow author who has agreed to display it… Continue reading Exciting Time

Chapter 4 Snippet

Chapter Four Hayden being a sophomore is inherently easy prey for juniors and seniors but even more than this he is easy prey because he is timid, has a small frame, long hair and is basically a typical goth. Hayden is for all intents and purposes the poster child for a dissident goth this is… Continue reading Chapter 4 Snippet